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Adult Learner - I am 23 years old and would like to upgrade my English 12 mark. Can I do that through EOP?

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Answer: Unfortunately not, you must be under the age of 19 as of July 1 and have not yet graduated to take a course through EOP. If you are over the age of 19 as of July 1 or have already graduated please check out Okanagan College and the website for other institutions that offer adult education options. 





Math - My daughter is interested in taking Math 10 through EOP, could you tell me about the structure of the course and the resources used?

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All of the Math courses at EOP are BC Learning Network courses offered online through our Moodle Learning Management system. Students in Math 10 would complete 8 Units plus a midterm exam and a final exam. Each unit would consist of...

1) A "Content Connection" guided video lesson for each topic covered. 

2) A couple of online quizzes to be completed at home,  

3) A learning guide that would be printed off, completed, and submitted online for marking and feedback, 

4) A Unit Test that would be completed online but under teacher supervision. 

There is no need for a textbook with our math courses and students can get help from their EOP teacher in person, over the phone, using FaceTime, or by email when they need it. 



Scanning a document with your phone

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Uploading an assignment as a .pdf file

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